PLAY ME HOME hits "Best Of 2021" Out Of The Box with Paul Shugrue


PLAY ME HOME, BROTHERS January single release, has joined Paul Shugrue’s “BEST SONGS OF 2021” list! BROTHES salutes WHRO and all publicly funded stations for their grand efforts. Thanks Paul Shugrue for all you do in sharing the gift of music, the soundtrack of our lives.

Check out WHRO Out of the box – Listen live here – App / Online link:

On your RADIO dial: 89.5 FM

Special thanks to Casey Copeland, Liz Terrell, Jamie Lewis, Larry Berwald, and Jeremy Bustillos, and for their stellar contributions.

Hear the new single now! Click – Follow BROTHERS – New Single Step Long 

We urge all of you passionate, writers, players, artists of all kinds to keep pushing, never give up on your dream, there is an audience for your songs and they’re waiting for you…

Belt it out, play what you feel, keep your songs real.

John, Lee, Ron ~ BROTHERS

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