BROTHERS are Featured Artist on “Out of the Box” the Paul Shugrue Show!

BROTHERS are Featured Artist on “Out of the Box” the Paul Shugrue Show!


Paul Shugrue makes things happen!

Musical artists have a bound advocate in Paul Shugrue, be they signed to a label, Indie, or only just inspired. On July 3rd this year, just as our band was about to release its first self produced single on its independent label, FusionBuzz, we received a fantastic email reply from Paul at WHRV. We had emailed him a copy of our first track “Sippin Glass” along with a brief outline of the track and contributing artists, hoping for some industry feedback before we launched it on Spotify.  We can’t express what a great feeling it was to discover that he planned to open his July 4th eve show with our song! Yes, we love Paul, as I’m sure all of his listeners and contributing artists do and we support WHRV through both donations and word of mouth to keep his train barreling down the tracks. Paul is the genuine article, one of us, and his actions make a difference in how we perceive our music and ourselves.

Thanks for taking the time to help Paul, you rock – BROTHERS. DONATE TO WHRV

July 3, 2019 – “We’re honored to be a featured artist on “Out of the Box” the Paul Shugrue show tonight! Listen to WHRV 89.5 from 7-9 to hear our new single “Sippin Glass” before it’s released tomorrow!” ~Lee




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